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Supercharge your learning

Perfect for taking notes on lectures, books, & videos, Notefuel is the note-taking app built specifically for learners.

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What makes Notefuel effective for learning?

Spaced repetition

Notefuel reminds you to review your notes when it's optimal for learning & information retention.

Instant text scanning (OCR)

Notefuel's optical character recognition takes the pain out of capturing highlights from physical books.

Works offline

Take notes and study on an airplane, train, or any other place with limited connectivity.


Effortlessly "active" notes

Review notes as flashcards and benefit from proven learning techniques like active recall & the Cornell system.

Kindle integration

Actually re-engage with and learn from your Kindle notes and highlights.

Syncs across devices

Notes are synced in real-time so that you can use Notefuel across multiple devices.